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Recycled fall card - VMCdesigns

Recycled fall card

 Is there anything more beautiful then the colours of the leaves before they fall. I made this card with Autumn in my mind, I used several recycled materials in it. Some you normally wouldn't use. It took a long time for the glue that I used to dry but I'm happy with the end result .......

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Recycled fall card - VMCdesigns:

Trying to make DIY Stamps

Trying to make DIY Stamps

There is nothing more fun then trying out things, especially when they turn out right. This was the case with these DIY stamps that I made for this weeks assignment of Hobby Alternatief I have always wanted to try to stamp with painters tape and now was the perfect time to give it a go.

when you want to see what I made just follow the link below.

Trying to make DIY Stamps

Christmas card in 3 colours

Christmas card in 3 colours. 

A while ago Willie and Anita form Hobby Alternatief asked us to choose 2 colours with my base colour being white. It was a nice surprise, we "had" to make a christmas card with only 3 colours. The usual christmas colours where already spoken for so I choose the white, as base colour

You can read all about it when you follow the link below

Christmas card in 3 colours: