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Technique: ink a stamp and squares

Technique: ink a stamp and squares
The assignment we had from Hobby alternatief for this week was to use squares, ink and a stamp, I had to think longer over this one then what I usually do. My head stayed blank for a while because the shape stays square how ever you use it At first I thought of placing the shape 3 or 4 ........

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Technique: ink a stamp and squares:

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Working With Sketches

Working with sketches

For Hobby Alterntief we get a theme every week and every month we are working with a template, at least 1 time each month. For this month we had to use the sketch I showed above.
I like working with sketches, and then build them up, I have a  board on Pinterest where I safe a bunch of them for when I'm not sure how I want a card to look.
To be honest I have saved them there but haven't used any of them yet.

Back on topic.  :)

To build this one up I used butterflies and flowers that where left over from previous projects and a few that I cut out for this card, when you want to see the photo's of this card you can follow link below.

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Return Package Or better said, pass along package. I will try to explain.

We, the Design Team of Hobby Alternatief had the chance to use and test a few cut and emboss folders. We passed a "return package" to each other and we all where allowed to choose one folder to make an actual card with. We had 3 days to keep this package and then we had to send it to the next one
When I finished my card and I thought the blogpost too, I learned that we had to make an alternative card too. The second being different from the first one. Also we couldn't use a folder one of the others had chosen so by the time the return package arrived to me I had the choice of 2 that I could use.
When you want to see what folder I used you can follow the link below

Flower Shaker Card

Flower Shaker Card
This weeks theme was to make a flower shaker card and as an example they showed us a video of Olga Direktorenko. Now I had seen that one before and already had it on my to try list, so I like this theme. I made a test card first with the top mat to thin so it didn't look nice.

You can see all the photo's of the card taht I used and the one that I made first on my blog.
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Flower Shaker Card:

Tarnished Foil

Tarnished Foil 

This weeks theme for Hobby Alternatief was Tarnished Foil, I had no clue of what that was. I knew paper foil and I know metals can tarnish but I never saw it on paper so I went to youtube, My to go to place when I need to know something about techniques and "how to's".
And with watching one video I knew what to make.
Finally I could use one of gear embossing folders and a few of my gear cutting dies
You can read all about it when you click on the link.

Tarnished Foil: