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Friday, 4 October 2013

~*~ 2013 - Tried some beadweaving again. ~*~

Every now and then I change the materials I work with. 
so some time ago (actually a very long time ago) 
I made these 2 bracelets after I found a tutorial of them online.  :)

This first one was my first try, it is made with cheaper China Crystals, honey and pink seedies.

This second one is made with round peridots and green and purple seedies.

I myself like the first one best.  :)
I have forgotten what the name of this bracelet is or who's tutorial I used.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

~*~ 2013 - For the mother of the child ~*~

I know I haven't posted new material in a while and although I made a lot of things I can't get myself to make the photo's of them.

It's the first time I made something like this and I never thought I ever would.

One of my coworkers had a baby recently. so I made this "feeding Bracelet" for his girlfriend.
I'm not sure how they are called in English but you wear them when you feed your baby. It has number beads for the hours of the day and in between the hour beads are 3 beads for the quarters. 

You attach the charm between the beads at the position of the last feeding, so you know what time it was.   :)

The colors I used are the favorite colors of the mother (so her boyfriend told me)

The charm for telling the times is the birthstone of the child.

I couldn't post it earlier because then they would see what the present would be.  


Sunday, 12 May 2013

~*~ 2013 - Hemimorphite ~*~

I bought some Hemimorphite drops a while ago and up until now I only made a pair of earrings with them.

This time I made a wire wrapped pendant. For now on a suede cord until I find some stones of the same color.
The metals I used are gunmetal artistic wire because that color is gorgeous with the soft green of the hemimorphite.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

~*~ 2013 - Malachite & Moonstone ~*~

I know I haven't updated this blog for a while and I thought 
it's about time I come from under my rock and show you guys one of this years creations. 

I made this piece in February.

This necklace is made with grey Malachite and little moonstone wheel beads. All the metals are silver plated.

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