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~*~ 2012 - Litte Gemstone Treasures 3 ~*~

Most of these gemstone treasures I showed in previous topics,  but these are in gold - plate and some of them with little clasps so the can be easily attached toa bracelet or necklace.


Facet Labradorite and grey fresh water pearls.

Facet Amethyst and peacock fresh water pearls.

 Rose Quartz and peach fresh water pearls.

Facet Chrysocolla

Snowflake Obsidian butterfly


Facet Onyx and Burgundi fresh water pearls.

Lapiz Lazuli and bleu fresh water pearls.

Facet Smoke Quartz

~*~ August 2012 - JAC Theme "Show your Stash" ~*~

Each month some of the members of the Jewelry Artisans Community make a blogpost on the same subject. This time they ask to show your stash.
Mine grew over the years so I made photo's of a part of them.  :)

This is the story:

A few years ago I bought myself a large cupboard.  These are originally used in printing offices and so. They contained lead letters used to print newspapers and magazines.
I have turned it into a bead cupboard but I have to give you a small warning to go with cupboards like these.
You can take out all the drawers and because of that it is best to bolt it to a wall. I didn't and one day the whole cupboard, with drawers with beads and stones in it landed on top of me as I was sitting in front of it putting away some new beads in it. It took me half an hour to free myself from under the drawers. Of course I had to be alone at home that day. :(
Because all my beads where scattered over the attic I had to fill all the drawers again. This time I placed the heavy material…