Week 15

About a year ago a friend of mine gave me her rice pearl necklace and bracelet.
She asked me to make it into new sets for her two daughters for when they have their holy communion.
The original plan was to make two necklaces, two bracelet and matching earrings.

When I made the first necklace, I changed the plan, all the metals are sterling silver and I thought making bracelets for the kids was not such a bright idea, because they might loose them.

So I made my friend a necklace too, mixed in both colors of the ones her daughters get.

This one is the first set, for the oldest child "Kiki"
4 mm topaz swarovksi, tiny pearls and sterling silver.

The set for the youngest child "Lily"
4 mm olivine swarovski, tiny pearls and sterling silver.
No earrings for her yet, she wants to wait with piercing her ears.

The two swarovski colors combined for my friend "Marilyn".

And a plain glass bead bracelet with gold toned aluminum rings.

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